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Get the Leading Virtual Firewall

Safeguard cloud and virtualised investments with the virtual firewall that pays for itself. VM-Series NGFWs are built for high performance and significant ROI.


Eliminate network security gaps

Consolidate policy management. Panorama™ network security management simplifies policies across infrastructures, clouds and allows you to rapidly procure and scale with the industry’s most flexible virtual firewall for security at DevOps speed.


Detect hard to find threats

Go beyond simple port blocking with integrated security services. Inspect every inbound/outbound packet for known/unknown threats.

Stop outbound traffic exfiltration

Integrated DLP blocks attackers from accessing and removing sensitive data. Leverage traffic decryption for outbound inspection.


Protect against lateral movement

Go Zero Trust: Keep threats from roaming inside environments. Integrated IPS provides enhanced segmentation and microsegmentation.

Eliminate network security gaps

Gain up to 115% ROI over three years with a 6-Month Payback Period

Securing digital transformation across environments takes VM-Series virtual firewall efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In-depth and extensive Forrester Consulting research commissioned by Palo Alto Networks has discovered and significant 115% ROI over three years with a six-month payback period for these virtualised NGFWs.

Extensive surveying, in-depth interviews and deep financial analysis paint a picture of security that pays off. A composite organisation obtains a net present value of $1.83 million – all while meeting network security requirements and expectations across public and private clouds, virtualised data centres and branch locations.

The VM-Series. Faster deployment, fewer breaches and more flexibility add up to significant savings.

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