We’re on a mission to transform the end-to-end experience of IT through data-intelligent innovations, radically streamlining the application infrastructure planning and procurement process and enabling more intelligent IT decisions from edge to cloud.

With data-driven analytics, our clients can leverage real-world data to help accelerate their IT goals in the most transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manner while reducing complexity and guesswork.

The IT buying process is seriously outdated

The future is fast approaching, and businesses undergoing digital transformation need to optimise their IT from edge to cloud to stay ahead of the competition and accelerate true innovation. But with every IT infrastructure purchase, decision-makers are confronted with several difficult questions.

  1. What’s the right infrastructure configuration to meet service level agreements (SLAs)?
  2. Where should we modernise – on-premises or in the cloud?
  3. How do I demonstrate ROI for things to move forward?

There is no one answer to these questions as each business is at a different stage in its digital transformation journey, and they all face their own unique challenge when dealing with purchasing decisions. Usually, this involves spending copious amounts of time reviewing spreadsheets and applying heuristics to understand their workloads’ intricate dependencies on their underlying infrastructure. Meanwhile, their IT suppliers face the challenge of providing a unique value proposition (based on very little or zero visibility) tailored to their customer’s environment.

This has created an IT infrastructure planning and buying process that is randomly inaccurate, time-consuming, wasteful, and ultimately elevates risk in meeting SLAs.

At TET Limited, our customers and partners rely on us to deliver the right products and solutions to help them adjust to new and emerging needs. Now we’re extending data-driven insight to across our entire operation — helping customers and partners monitor, analyse, and optimise their IT infrastructure in new ways to deliver solutions that drive better outcomes for their business.

We can now expand data-driven collaboration across IT environments

With the introduction of CloudPhysics, we’re enabling data-driven insights for smarter IT decisions from edge to cloud. Our customers will now be able to better collaborate on optimising application workload placement, procuring the right-sized infrastructure, lowering costs, and transforming the IT purchasing experience.  

We’ve incorporated a simple solution delivered as-a-service (no hardware, no software, and no future maintenance) that continuously monitors and analyses IT infrastructures, estimates costs of cloud migrations, and models customers’ IT infrastructure as a virtual environment.

Installation takes just minutes, and our customers can generate insights in as little as 15 minutes. The data capture of CloudPhysics is one of the most granular in the industry, with over 200 metrics for VMs, hosts, data stores, and networks. When you add up all the data to date, CloudPhysics has already collected more than 200 trillion data samples and data from 1 million VM instances worldwide. And, with well over 4500 completed assessments, CloudPhysics has a proven record of significantly increasing the ROI on infrastructure investments.


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