HPE GreenLake for public sector

Consumption-based solutions to transform IT delivery for government and educational institutions.

Adapting to the new reality in the public sector

Public sector institutions face distinctive challenges in delivering digital services. Funding pressures, political complexity, regulatory restrictions, and population scale and diversity challenge digital transformation efforts. COVID-19 has only added to the pressure, with increased demand for speed and resiliency to deliver critical services. In many cases, this requires rapid adaptation.

Enabling the factory of the future

As more data is collected from production facilities, the ability to transform it into actionable insights will be the digital foundation for the factory of the future. Flexible IT services help manufacturers align to changing production priorities.

Virtual desktop infrastructure 

Manufacturers need solutions that keep pace with changing dynamics and business needs. HPE GreenLake can support requirements with an agile IT infrastructure that’s designed to provide insights across plant floor, supply chain, and enterprise data.

AI and data management

HPE GreenLake solutions support enterprise systems that enable more efficient operations, warn when equipment is failing or needs repair, improve product quality and throughput, and provide flexibility to run your infrastructure where you want it.

Centralised IT operating model

Engineering and design teams need HPC systems to speed development testing while improving product quality and safety. HPE GreenLake solutions offer the software, compute, and storage capabilities to help you accelerate innovation and time to value.

Find a solution, solve your challenge

Easily find the right combination of software and hardware to meet
specific business needs.

HPE GreenLake: Empowering transformation to meet digital demands

Public sector organisations need IT that can scale with demand while maintaining the flexibility, manageability, and uncompromising data security needed for today—and for an uncertain tomorrow. With a pay-per-use model that eliminates upfront capital expenditures, the HPE GreenLake platform offers the agility and innovation of the cloud while preserving control for applications and workloads that need to run on premises. It can help you accelerate IT modernisation, reduce costs, and harness the power of data to operate and serve your citizens.

Secure your data and workloads with on-premises cloud services

HPE GreenLake provides on-premises solutions for data sovereignty and security, along with optional compliance capabilities for enhanced governance, control, and visibility, including real-time monitoring and remediation recommendations.

Streamline and simplify IT procurement processes

The pay-per-use model offers financial flexibility to meet digital transformation goals while freeing up capital. With pre-configured solutions and scale-up-and-down flexibility, you can quickly obtain the required capacity and easily add more as needed through a simple change order.

Anticipate costs with transparent metering and billing

Transparent, metered usage and up-front pricing provide visibility and predictability for IT departments. With centralised management, costs by service type, location, or other metrics can be easily accessed from a single, intuitive self-service platform.

Free up IT staff from routine tasks

Free up your teams for productive work by delegating monitoring and management of on-premises and public clouds to us. Our solutions come with built-in services, allowing us to handle the management of your HPE GreenLake environment. You can also opt for additional services to manage other areas of your IT infrastructure.

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